Galerie Pallas

The Pallas Art Gallery in the centre of the Old Town of Prague was in the autumn of 1992. Next to dozens of art galleries on the territory of the Czech capital which are defined by artistic generation, theme or field of art, the Pallas Art Gallery is one of few which have orientated their activity to the avantgarde betwen the two world wars.

Its collection and range of exhibitions are not unreservedly limited by the said time horiyon. Next to classic modernism it is gradually building up a collection of centemporary artists, namely representatives of the so-called generation of the 1960 s. The said authors are represented in many disciplines - paintings, drawings, sculptures, graphic art, applied art. The art gallery is involved in commercial and other activities.

The most important activity of the art gallery on its more 300 square metres are exhibitions of the works of its permanent stock of artists: monographic, group or thematic exhibitions. The art gallery's permanent exhibition overlaps with intermittent exhibitions which broadens the range of works of art on offer and the information presented on Czech 20th century fine art. The art gallery has also been active abroad: in 1993 it presented an exhibition of Czech Cubism and Surrealism in Heidelberg, in 1994 the art gallery presented itself at the XVth Chicago Art Exhibition and for the coming autumn season it has applied for participation in the Paris FIAC.

Next to occasional cooperation with institutions, such as the National Art Gallery in Prague which in 1992 purchased for its collections "Temtetions" (1901 - 1902), a painting by Jan Preisler, representative of the founding generation of the 90's, the Pallas art gallery is in close contact with critics and theoreticians of modern and contemporary art, (Dr. František Dvořákk, Dr. Marcela Plánková, Dr. Ivona Rainmanová).

Georg Pallanich

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